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A big milestone in your baby's first year is when he or she can sit up independently. This is without a doubt one of the funniest sessions because most babies are not yet mobile and smile easily. This gives parents a gallery full of their beautiful giggling baby. I also always make sure that there are beautiful portraits that reflect your baby's personality as well as possible. This is also a great session for older children. This session is definitely a parent favorite. I am proud to offer an unforgettable experience and work with tailor-made sessions, so that you receive a unique report. A sitter shoot is possible on location as well as in my beautiful daylight studio near Amsterdam. The studio with adjacent horse stable is surrounded by the Noord-Hollands landscape, which means that a lot is possible with all luxurious amenities within reach. A combination is also possible.  

My style

My style can best be described as colorful, dreamy, elegant and here and there a hint of hippie. I like to work with pastel shades, because this gives a soft look. This does not alter the fact that other styles are possible in consultation. I am known for my unique settings, outfits and props.

Book an appointment

For a sitter milestone session, I recommend scheduling it when the baby is between 6 and 10 months. Every child develops differently, so this is a flexible appointment. When your baby can sit, we will plan a final date after 2 weeks. Any other time is of course also possible, this depends entirely on your wishes. For a regular sitter session, it doesn't matter what age this happens. Please feel free to contact me to book the session and discuss further. It is important that you do this as soon as possible, as my agenda fills up quickly.  



All sitter sessions are specially tailored to you and your child and include a consultation session with me. This can be done in my studio or by telephone. During this session we discuss ideas about clothing,  posing, location, props and style. I will work closely with you and listen carefully to your ideas and expectations to ensure that you have a relaxed photo session for your baby. Once your session has been booked, you will receive all the necessary information by email to prepare for the shoot.



My studio is full of a huge assortment of beautiful backgrounds, clothing, hair bands, props and other accessories. I only work with the best and most beautiful materials. Because I like to deliver unique work for every customer, there is an endless amount of choice. For example, you can choose from more than 90 different backgrounds. Everything is washed after every session with detergents that are free from harsh chemicals. Feel free to bring your own clothes for the shoot if you have a specific idea.  

Your sitter shoot

My goal is to ensure that you and your child have a comfortable, unique and fun shoot. During this personalized photo shoot I will therefore professionally guide you in the field of posing, wardrobe and more. I reserve about 60 minutes for the sitter session, but this completely depends on the age of your child. The younger it is, the shorter the attention span. Organic baby products are available to wash and care for your little one afterwards. To make your shoot as pleasant as possible, organic drinks are also available as well as mineral water.  


Professional photo retouching is included in your session. I specialize in the most extensive and detailed editing. While I'm focusing on creating a natural look, I'll edit the photos to my liking. Unlike many other photographers, I edit the photos all manually, this takes a lot of time. In this way I create my own unique signature look.  


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