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Terms and Conditions


1.1 If a shoot is booked/reserved at Nikki India, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions.

1.2 The photo shoots take place in consultation with Nikki India on a day, location and time agreed upon together.  A newborn shoot is booked based on the due date. It is important to contact us within 24 hours of the birth to provide a definitive date. If this does not happen I cannot guarantee that there is still a place. 

1.3 The baby/pregnant/child/family shoots last on average 1-1.5 hours. The newborn shoots can last 3-4 hours. Everything happens without time pressure. A shoot lasts as long as necessary.

1.4 Styling is done in consultation. The style must be in line with the customer but must be correct.

1.5 A second person may come along to help with the styling.

1.6 It is not allowed to make videos or photos during the shoot without first discussing this.

1.7 Be on time. If you are late, it may happen that this is deducted from the shoot time, due to other customers.

1.8 Immediately fill in the data form received online.

1.9 Nikki India cannot be held responsible for the behavior of the 'model' during the shoot. This means that I cannot guarantee that, for example, the child will smile, smash the cake, splash in the bath or pose.


2.1 The shoot will be canceled with any form of illness / cold that may indicate COVID-19. This will then be moved in consultation. Let us know immediately if possible when symptoms occur.

2.2 There must be a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between Nikki India and the adult model/supervisor. So keep in mind that the shoots will be slightly different than usual for the time being. A face mask is worn where necessary. Hands disinfection will have to be done regularly by everyone.

2.3 If there has been contact with a person who is or has been infected with COVID-19, an appointment will only be scheduled after 14 days.

2.4 If Nikki India is ill, she will let you know as soon as possible. A new appointment will then be made in consultation.


Payment & cancellation

3.1 The deposit of €100 must be made after the date has been set. This amount is non-refundable.

3.2 After viewing the online choice album, the package can be upgraded and individual photos can be purchased. Only after this payment are the selected photos edited and delivered. 

3.3 The booked shoot can be canceled up to 14 days before the agreed date. However, see point 3.1. After this, the shoot can only be moved in consultation. If you choose not to have the booked shoot anymore, the full amount will have to be paid after this period.  


Digital files

4.1 After the shoot you will receive a link to an online album containing a large selection of the photos. These photos are unedited and contain a large logo. In this album, the number of photos is chosen, matching the desired package. You will therefore only receive these selected photos. The online album will disappear after the edited photos have been delivered.

4.2 If you wish to receive more photos from the shoot, this can be done for an amount of €15 per photo or the package can be upgraded.

4.3 All digital files are edited and of high quality and resolution. It is not possible to purchase raw RAW files.

4.4 The photos are sent via We-Transfer and you will receive this by email. If the golden package is chosen, the photos are also put on a USB stick, which can be picked up in the studio.

4.5 If you receive the digital files, you have the right of use, not the copyright. You may share, print and copy it for your own use. It is not allowed to submit to a photo contest or to use it for commercial purposes.

4.6 The copyright of the photo remains at all times with Nikki India Photography

4.7 It is not allowed to edit the photos in any way and to make them other than when they were delivered. The use of filters etc is not allowed.


5.1 Nikki India will handle your personal data with care and will not pass it on to third parties or make it public.

5.2 All files can be used for commercial purposes by Nikki India. If you do not want this, this must be reported before the start of the shoot.

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