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Because I'm trying to learn as much as possible my list of study's, clinics en courses I've followed and following is to long to make a story about each one. I have decided to list them all to keep you updated about everything I do.

Clinics & Internships

Private clinic Cleve Wells, USA. 

Private clinic Sally Swift, USA.

  Private clinic Brent Loseke, USA.

Clinic Cindy & Brandon Brown, USA.

2-day clinic Mark Shaffer, USA.

2-day clinic Karin Prevedel, IT.

2-day clinic Kevin Pole, CA.

2-day clinic Nancy Cahill, USA.

2-day clinic Dell Hendriks, USA.

3-day clinic Mark Shaffer, USA

3-day instructors clinic Rieky & Dave Young, NL

4-day clinic Mark Shaffer, USA 

Several days of training at Barbara Ceusters, BE.

Clinic dubbel longing, NL.

Clinic working with young horses, NL.

Staying as an intern at multiple dutch training stalls.

5 months internship at Rieky Young, NL.

2,5 weeks internship Ty and Karen Hornick, USA 

2 weeks internship Jan Pieter Koopman, NL.

4 weeks internship at Ann Myers, USA. 

2 weeks internship at Suzy Jeane, USA. 

1 month internship at D John Deas, USA.

Multiple clinics from Dutch Trainers. 

Certificates & Diploma's

 Certificate Centered Riding, NL.

HBO Equine Behaviour Therapie: 7/9 certificates achieved, NL.

Diploma Sportsmassage For Horses, NL.

Diploma Integrative Sportsmassage For Horses, NL.

Certificate Western Instructor 1st year, NL.

Certificate Equine Genetics with distinction, CA. 

Certificate Equine Industry, CA. 

Certificate First Aid and Veterinary Knowledge, NL.

FdSc Equine Science 4th year student, UK